About Us

What is FoxLUG?

FoxLUG is a LEGO User Group based out of Green Bay and the Fox River Valley in Northeast Wisconsin.  We are primarily an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) group, although TFOLs (Teen Fans of LEGO, 13-17) are welcome to attend meetings with a parent or guardian.  We are adults that enjoy building, sorting and collecting LEGO.  If you have younger kids interested in getting involved in LEGO, we will typically direct parents to their local library.

Where is FoxLUG based?

FoxLUG is based out of Green Bay and the Fox Cities.  Our members live throughout Northeast Wisconsin, as far south as Fond du Lac and as far west as Wausau.  Some of our members are part of WisLUG (Madison & Milwaukee) and KLUG (Kenosha).

What sort of activities does FoxLUG participate in?

FoxLUG displays at a number of events each year, including our Bay Beach show in Green Bay each summer and Brickworld every June in Chicago.  We have also displayed at Titletown, and in Door County, as well as at local libraries, schools, and at other events throughout the year.

How do I find out what events FoxLUG will be at?

Please follow us on Facebook and/or check back here for details of upcoming events.

When/Where does FoxLUG meet?

FoxLUG usually meets in Green Bay on the 3rd  Wednesday of the month in the evening.  We occasionally meet in the Appleton area as well.

How do I become a Member?

It is free for AFOLs and TFOLs to join.  You just need to attend a meeting to get started.  Our members discuss LEGO, display at our local events, and participate in some of the larger regional events in Milwaukee and Chicago.

Can I host a LEGO Event?

FoxLUG regularly displays at events in the area at libraries, schools, municipalities, and professional organizations.  If you are interested in hosting a display, or inviting us to display at your event, please contact us.